What Is Body Mind Energetics? Your emotions can only be felt in the body. What you think of emotions in your head are only a thought. Each of us has long-standing repressed emotions, and the hiding of our shadow aspect from the outside world. These repressed and hidden aspects are held as energy, tightly bound within our muscles. Our unconscious physical repression and emotional suppression create "muscular armoring”. This trapped energy, also called involuntary muscular hardening becomes dense and heavy and slow moving. This results in stress or pain, and eventually health conditions, life trauma, and relationship trauma. Releasing the trapped energy is the key to ease of movement and freedom of living. Knowledge alone does not produce any body energy transformation. To achieve lasting and complete healing, the mind, body, heart, and spirit must be addressed. It is a "Body-Mind-Soul" connection. The focus and outcome of Body Energy Freedom are any or all of the following:   To relieve physical pain or suffering; To relieve emotional pain or struggle; To relieve mental challenge or spiritual disconnect; To promote and sustain health, personal growth, and spiritual     - development; To bring freedom of movement; To bring ease and lightness; To offer clarity; To bring peace. You can also achieve: Reaccess the energy of your core body, personality, and spirit; Bring back freedom of action in your life; Discover your True Self again; Have the courage and freedom to be your True Self; Reveal your core essence; Discover your gifts.
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