My passion is to be of service to and for you, helping you at whatever point in life you see yourself, in whatever challenge or journey you're facing. I believe you were brought to me... I was born and raised in Peru and moved to Germany in my 20's. Growing up under the influence of such rich cultures, I've learned to appreciate diversity, adventure and travel. I speak fluent Spanish, English and German and enjoy teaching them when I can. As an adult, my life path took me the the traditional route. I graduated from the university with a degree in International Commerce and Business Administration and started my work in the corporate sector. After several life-changing experiences, including the death of both of my parents, I came face to face with my feelings, and faced the reality of them—perhaps for the first time—and connected with myself. I became interested in learning about healing, spiritual growth and energy medicine and developed a keen awareness of the Mind- Body connection, the patterns that affect us, and their effect on our lives - all of which were the result of my studies in energy medicine. I became an Energy Practitioner at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Core Energetics Practitioner. My path has been healing. I am more authentic, open, and aligned to my life purpose. I know what my boundaries are, as well as my limitations. I am aware and open. I feel more alive and connected to myself and my journey. I trust what my body says to me. My life feels lighter, more colorful, and more precious because of the changes I put into motion. It is here that I stand, ready to share my knowledge with you. As I firmly believe that we are all in this path together, I'm eager to help you and to contribute to your healing and growth. Whether we create healing in your physical health as you enter surgery, face a health condition, or recover from a medical intervention, or in your emotional health as you enter hardships or face life changes, I am open to your calling. My mission is to meet you wherever you're at, regardless of what stage in life you're in, with no judgment, and with an open heart. I look forward to be of service to you. Until we meet, Romi       
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